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stainless-steel interior door

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NDI is a stainless-steel door for interior use. The door is made from stainless material AISI 304, with brushed surface. The internal part is filled with polyurethane foam for reinforcement. The door can be mounted into the stainless-steel interior doorframe NZI. The door dimensions conform to the ČSN (Czech technical standard) norm; therefore, the door can be fitted in other doorframes as well.

The door is not designed as fireproof!

The door types are delivered with widths of 700, 800 and 900 mm and in the left- and right-hand design. The door includes fittings and a cylinder with a key.

Doors and doorframes can also be custom-made in other dimensions (e.g., 1000 mm). To order, it can be supplemented with opening with shatter-proof glass, safety fittings, ventilation, handle for the disabled, anti-panic handle, slot machine for conditional entry after payment of MAD, automatic closer, or other equipment by the customer’s wish.

The doorframe cannot be ordered separately (always as the NDI and NZI set).

Package contents

  • stainless steel door with hinges
  • cylinder with keys
  • lock
  • fittings (ball, handle)

opening with (shatter-proof) glass
coin automat for paid entry MAD
safety fittings
anti-panic handle
automatic closer
stainless-steel interior doorframe NZI